Commons Report; 9th Month, 612

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Commons Report; 9th Month, 612  Empty Commons Report; 9th Month, 612

Post  Terik on Thu Sep 06, 2012 4:22 pm

Good people of the Republic,

As Steward of the House of Commons, I wish all to know that we are currently at a cease-fire with the false Duke of Evandar. Show no aggression toward them, but by Theidrick defend and avenge if it comes to that.

There are new scouts of the Naringal Mane. They are black worgs with a green sash on their forepaw. Their leader is Master Blackmane. Grant them the respect you would any member of the Mane. See me personally if you have a complaint against them.

Hostilities have escalated on the roads of late. Dishonorable gray dwarves, goblins, and other splinter factions of the green hats have been more bold as of late. Protect yourselves while traveling.

Contrary to convention, there are some foul creatures that have been corrupted. Many of you have heard "Crazy Chert's" tales of a tree attack. These tales are not the ramblings of a drunk or crazy dwarf, as many times the Coppermug clan is accused of. They hold truth.

The signs point to a harsher than normal winter. Focus on a heavy planting of fall crops and increase salt and preservative stores. Once winter comes, try not to isolate your family on small farm plots. Resources are easiest shared when we all gather together. It will be tough, but we Naringalese are of tougher stock!

Long live the Lord Chancellor, Long live the Republic.

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