10th Section REPORT!!!

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10th Section REPORT!!!

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:54 pm

To the 10th Section,

You will need to report at 6:00am tomorrow battle ready we are going to put an end to the majority of our problems with the Green Hag's forces in the Stoneforge Mountains. You will be informed by noon via a commanding officer your orders in the up coming battle. You will be under my command since Lt. Terik has taken the rest of the 3rd Platoon to the Southern March to help our allies Avalon's Crown.

To all adventurers and allies,

If you wish to aid us in this coming battle you will also need to meet us tomorrow at 6:00am before we march. Clan Stoneforge has already offered support and will be meeting us their as well. but do be prepared for a long fight and bring supplies of water, ale, and food.

Till this time I am swamped with detailing our battle plans, so I will not be available for questions. Also, be warned this rainy weather has been enhanced by the Green Hag's magic, so becareful on your way here.

Captain Eric von Beckleheimer
1st Company of Naringal
Order of the Silver Lion.

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Re: 10th Section REPORT!!!

Post  Skarn Stoneforge on Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:58 pm


Me clan's men and women be ready for ye command, me be leading them to battle. We be there before ye time so we can converse over ye plan for me lads and lasses.

Skarn Stoneforge

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