Haven wants YOU.

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Haven wants YOU.

Post  Terik on Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:40 pm

Join the Naringal Militia, today!

Many of you have asked questions about the Militia and service. I shall try to answer them.

What do I get to serve?
The Militia will pay 120 silver for a 12 month commitment. You will be provisioned weapons, armor, and supplies as they become available.

What is the rank/command structure in the militia?
The Militia is just a small band of part-time adventures who are more than welcome to do whatever they wish when not activated. Currently, the militia is no longer under command. There may be a rally order issued at the first of 611 for training. Until then, the Militia member is free to do whatever. The Militia’s officers, however, are in full-time service to Naringal. They are Honor bound by the Code of the Silver Lion. A Silver Lion may rank from and Arms Corporal (currently vacant in the 10th), Corporal (currently vacant in the 10th), Sergeant (Arvil Boulderbreaker), Lieutenant (Terik Locklain), and Captain (Erik von Beckelheimer).

What are the penalties for early termination of contract?
You may terminate service in the Militia at any time. Payment would need to be prorated and repaid if the term of service is not completed. It is your word, however, that binds you.

What sort of benefits would those left behind receive if/when the duties of serving cause my irrevocable death?
We have never lost one to irrevocable death. I don’t plan to. It is something that I should consider and I will get back to you on that.

Are there any positions other than simple sword fodder available?
The Militia would welcome any skill you wish to bring, casters, fighters, gas and trap rogues, spies, etc. “Sword Fodder” is a special position reserved for counter siege measures. I do wish we had another way to handle Haven, but all went well. Desperate times and all.

What sort of assignments are usually posted to less seasoned warriors?
Assignments in the Militia are usually scouting, guard duty, advanced patrol, and other such assignments.

What requirements are in place as far as bounty and plunder are involved?
So far, the Militia has a keep what you kill policy. Mass loot will be divided up among all who fight to earn it.

What facilities and/or training does the militia offer?
The Militia will give advanced combat training, taught by Sgt. Boulderbreaker. If you are so inclined to magics, the Guild has an understanding with the militia and will train you as well. They will also grant you the ability to ‘cast on the fly’ once you have reached Formalist status.

Would serving be expected to be my first priority or is it a volunteer basis?
The Militia would only be under orders once mustered. When released, a militia member is free to live and act as they please, provided they take no action against Naringal.

What incentive and morale programs are in place to ensure happy productive soldiers?
As I mentioned, there is Advanced Combat Training and free enrollment into the Mage’s Guild. The Militia members are given weapons, armor, and supplies as they are available.

What leave options are available?
Leave is available to the Militia. 3 days per year and must be given 6 days in advance. The leave isn’t much, but it is only a part-time Militia. Your commanding officer will have the duty to grant or deny leave.

If there are any further questions, please ask me or Sgt. Boulderbreaker.

May the Silver Lion protect us,

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