New bill in Haven

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New bill in Haven

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 21, 2009 3:35 pm

To ye,

We have set up a new bill away from the dangers in the ruins in Amrun Taury. It seems the goblin minions of the gate have started to vandalise what posts have been made on that bill. We have removed what messages and letters that where not written on or wasn't to old. I advise all to start using the Haven bill till we take back Amrun Taury and make it our own. The ruins are not safe anymore many of the minions from the gate have moved into destoryed fort, the elven tower, and most of the ruins of the town proper.

Also, on this bill what messages viewed here will be safe from the prying eyes of our enemies unless they have spies here or powerful magic to fool us. We will do what we can to make this bill safe for public use, here in Haven.

On a important note I will be posting a message this evening about our attack on the Bawnishall Mines that will start November 28th 609. We have gathered what information we can about the Duergar Clan Sha'Dhurm and will discuss more in person the morning of the assault.


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