To the cowards unwilling to march.

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To the cowards unwilling to march.

Post  Vaylen on Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:02 pm

*send by courier *

To those still in Docktown,

No thanks to you, we have taken back Haven for the time being. While the route may be treacherous, you may now find solace in Haven. For those interested I have enclosed a copy from my journal (with some omissions). It is written in a quick short-hand, so even those of you with intellectual deficiencies should be able to understand what transpired:

“ We marched into Haven fighting off the minions of the Hags’ forces. Goblins and ogres were everywhere. We had to travel around the main buildings of the complex while Terik’s infantry secured the homes and farms in the area. The main buildings were guarded by wards and glyphs that proved a Minor hindrance to the Amasai casters and myself. The roads of the mountain town were an intricate weave of traps that the Ball-sack, the Lupine, and the Vixen were able to take care of. The forces of the Silver Lion were backed by a mélange of mercenaries who fought valiantly against the goblins and ogres while Madam Zara and the Parmaloche squires healed the fallen. Once the town hall was acquired we were able to gain a moments’ respite before we called to once again defend the town. It was said that the Romani, Vladimir, was nearby as well as the witch Ameana who had apparently acquired a cauldron that allowed her to summon a green fog that would animate the dead. All the adventurers took watch in shifts as undead rose against us. At the break of dawn most of the fighting had ended and we were able to patrol the area finding the obelisk in Haven. As master Amasai had already used most of his formal magics, it was up to me to perform the ritual that would allow a caster to tap into the raw magical power of the land. During the ritual the adventurers gave us (barely) enough protection to complete the ritual without backlash as it seemed someone was set against the ritual. It was fortunate we were able to complete this ritual as we were attacked by the hags’ forces once again came after us, this time with a giant leading the charge. After dispatching the Hill giant this first wave of dwarves were able to arrive celebrating our victory with a feast of meat and potatoes in a bowl made of bread. The feast was grand and many adventurers gained some much needed rest as the dwarven militia were able to keep watch. Our respite was cut short as doppelgangers began their annoyance, but were soon dispatched. As night fell, a wraith made its way into Haven with a troop of undead. We were able to protect Haven, but Terik demanded the Wraith be stopped. A group of us traveled northeast to The Barrows to search for the creature. We found a tomb that the Wraith was in and it was a struggle to run the creature off. In the tomb we found that a corpse that appeared to be missing a large gem. The inscription on the tomb was an ancient language that I believe was once used by the humans who originally lived in these lands. We made our way back to Haven and I came to my quarters where I could write this message in solitude. “

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Re: To the cowards unwilling to march.

Post  Hetrood on Sun Dec 12, 2010 9:31 am


Your account sounds fasinating. I wish I could have been there instead of here working on potions and gaurding some of the guilds materials. My cute little Micha, can I bring everything to have now??

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