letter to Master Smith Stoneforge

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letter to Master Smith Stoneforge

Post  Arvil Boulderbreaker on Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:59 pm

Dear Master Smith Stoneforge,

Due to the coming campaine to retake amrun taury and the recent attempts by many adventurers to secure claims to parts or Naringal I have decided to learn the most nobal art of Smithing. It does not come lightly that I place me true calling of Brewing Holy Water on hold while I learn the great art of Smithing, but I think it imperative that we all do what we can to aid each other in the cause to claim this land for ourselves and our families. My question to you Great Master Smith is do ye have room at your forge for another apprentance? I know that Brock has learned much under your hand and I would much prefer to learn under a true Smith (Dwarf) compared to the other smiths in Haven. I will do my best to learn as much from ye as I can, and will provide some Holy Water for our evening meals.

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Re: letter to Master Smith Stoneforge

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:23 pm

Arvil of Clan Boulderbreaker,

It will be me pleasure to train ye, since me apprentice is now a master smith himself. He completed his trainin' last week at me forge and its time for he to go out and learn what he can one his own. Me be expecting yea at me forge wednesday morning 4:30am to start with ye trainin'


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