Stoneforge Highlands are being held

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Stoneforge Highlands are being held Empty Stoneforge Highlands are being held

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:19 am

To all,

The Stoneforge Highlands and other parts of the Republic are currently holding back the Evendarrian forces sent by the false "Duke of Naringal." I advise adventurers and others to keep close to the town if they do not wish to be caught up in the fighting and to be for warned that this out break of battle up and down the Republic has caused some creatures and other things to come creeping out of their dens. I doubt they will break our lines but there maybe units hiding in the Highlands so please take care when exploring the lands surrounding Haven.

I will be in touch with the rest of the House of Lords to discuss our military plans concerning our current war with the false Duke.

Sir Eric von Beckleheimer
House of Lords
Captain of the 1st Company of Naringal
Order of the Silver Lion

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