We march for Amrun Taury!

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We march for Amrun Taury!

Post  Terik on Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:34 am

Citizens, adventures, members of the Mane the Pride of the Republic:

The Icon of War, true Icon of these lands, fears none and embraces all.

I take a sizable force across the Great River to battle the evil that holds Amrun Taury. Our truce with Evandar holds in this. They have said they would join us in our fight. Muster with the Lord Chancellor in Haven. He will take you past Fog Top and the Crooked Cock Tavern. You will cross the Great River and go near Flussburg. Join us in the battle. Your position will be between the Great River and Amrun Taury. The Lord Chancellor will lead you.

Members of the Mane, should any of you aspire to join the Silver Lions, prove your worth in this assault. Do not let the Lord Chancellor fall and seek out the Captain E. Von Beckelheimer or another of the Lt.'s in the Silver Lions. They will give you orders.

I cannot promise safety to any, but if Amrun Taury is not taken, winter will be very hard on all of us. I will see you on the other side of battle.

In service to the Republic I remain,

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