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Current News of the War Effort Empty Current News of the War Effort

Post  Duke of Naringal on Thu May 03, 2012 9:13 am

To all my citizens,

We need your help! We need new recuits and most importantly we need loyal citizens to help bring food and supplies to the front.

We have pushed the wicked Republic back to the Stoneforge highlands in the west and just five miles from Stormberg in the east. But our supplies lines keep being assualted by the Republics evil allies. We have had supplies cut to our troops by kobolds, black hat goblins, spiders, hobgoblins, trolls, and the list goes on.

Our forces are holding strong but we must keep the effort going as our goal is so close and in our sites. We need to bring our way ward cousins back to the light and show them their ways of are not those of civilized people.

So, if you have any wagons, food, and supplies of any kind to help out our troops you will be paid for your goods double the cost. Also, those that volunteer will recieve my thanks, three squares and a bed roll. We are also offering to those that volunteer and those that have been fighting free land south of the Heren Duin River. Plus, if one shows great courage we will elevate those great heros up in to our noble ranks.

Currently all citizens are also to not communicate or except anyone south of the Heren Duin River as a friend or ally of our great Duchy. It is our militarys orders that all below the Heren Duin are to be killed on site until my lost childern have surrendered to us and come back in to my forgiving arms.

This is by my hand

Duke Grigory Mustalanoff
Duke of Naringal
Duke of Naringal
Duke of Naringal

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