Trial and Errors

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Trial and Errors Empty Trial and Errors

Post  Terik on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:20 pm

Citizens, Inhabitants, and fellow Adventurers,

Many of you are aware of our Law: Claim a parcel of the Naer Fade and hold it for one year, it is yours.

Allow me to introduce our new Code of Justice: Let sleeping dogs lie. I shall expound. Any malicious act or theft outside the Arena, towards another Citizen, Inhabitant, or Adventurer (including traveling merchants) on Republic Lands constitutes a Disturbance and is under the Authority of the Constable. If you have issue(s) with another Citizen, Inhabitant, or Adventurer, the matter shall be brought to the attention of Constable Sgt. Arvil Boulderbreaker. If his powers of mediation cannot resolve the dispute, the House of Commons shall hold trial. A trial may be swiftly bypassed by taking the matter to the arena.

Rules of Trial: (as set forth by precedent)

The Accuser(s) shall make claim against the Defendant(s). The Accuser(s) will also cite payment, punishment, or other reparations. The Defendant may counter claim. A trial will be held. A member of The House of Commons shall preside over the trial. The Lord and also a member of the House of Lords shall stand witness. These three shall act as jury and pronounce judgement. Judgement is final.

Rules of the Arena:

The Arena battles are simple. The terms are agreed to by party, assigned by the Constable, or assigned by Trial verdict. There will be a fee that is paid for by the loosing party. The fee will be based on the terms of the battle or trial.

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