I know when I'm defeated...

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I know when I'm defeated...

Post  Guest on Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:57 am

To all the Amasai and Avalon's Crown,

I hereby and publicly apologize for anything that I have said or did in the past that had lead us to this deplorable moment. I know when I have been beaten and I cannot hope to stand up against Avalon's Crown or, apparently in this case, the Amasai. There need be no duels, and I will refuse to give any testimony before the Council. Nor will I print any defaming articles or news involving the Amasai or Avalon's Crown. A lot has happened to make my say such a thing and know that whilst I write this, I am of clear mind and am under the influence of no alchemy of mystical duress. I say this on my own accord alone. I am sorry for any loss of face that I have caused. I honestly believed myself to be in the right. I was wrong, as it turns out. Still, a Gorbe must have enough honor to face up to his mistakes. And so here I do as much.

To Avalon's Crown: I have never stopped respecting you. My problem - of which there is no problem anymore - was with the Amasai, not with you; although some of you might consider the two linked. Again, I apologize to you, especially you Lord E'nick. To the Amasai, I will never again say anything about Zane or Micha and I will trust that the lot of you will look kindly upon me for making this declaration and be benevolent winners.

Similarly, I will expect no act of violence toward me or mine (namely Ti Tie, Arazmus, Vas'hareth, Winterlight, Tolismir, Marcus, Arvil, Terik, Madam Zara, Covik or any other male or female that calls me ally). As such, I will never lift a paw against you...not unless hostilities are first begun by yours. Consider this a treaty of peace, of both stilling of harmful words and sharp steel. To seal our good graces, I would ask that Lord Tel'Daarn contact me on a matter of business. I would like to establish a trade route between Naringal and Beronis. To do that, I need a ship!

Yours in Service,
Katatherick Mang


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