Militia Arms and Equipment

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Militia Arms and Equipment

Post  Guest on Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:44 pm

** Posted by Runner **

I am almost finished here in Shakarr and when I come back, I am arranging for a small shipment of arms and supplies to be brought down the river along with me. These supplies are just for the militia and will consist of a uniform package for each member of the militia plus whatever is personally requested by the day of the 15th of March. Vas'hareth will be keeping me appraised of these letters but all such requests should be posted here. So far the package consists of the following:

Each male and female will receive:
One Cure Light Wounds Potion
Some Small Measure of Armor (20 Points OOG)
One Scroll of Magic Missile
One Purify Blood Potion

Again, if anyone wants something special, I can arrange it. Shakarr is a fairly large city and just about anything can be found here. If one or two of these items are - really - special, I may have to charge you a handling stipend as they may be rather expensive for me to acquire. Furthermore, if anyone wishes to purchase scrolls from me, I have a chest full of them. I will be selling these scrolls according to their power so inquire with me when I arrive back at Haven.

Yours in Service,
Corporal Katatherick Mang


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