Strange happenings in and outside of Stormberg

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Strange happenings in and outside of Stormberg Empty Strange happenings in and outside of Stormberg

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Those in Stormberg will hear or witness these events.

Outside of town many explosions can be heard on the Greycloak Plantation. If anyone approaches they will see that the plantation is on fire. Also, there are Efreets around the area telling people they are taking care of the matter and they mean no harm. You will see an Efreet carrying out half charred corpses of dark elves and one who has on in chains before he rifts out. Soon after the city guards of Stormberg appears and helps the other Efreets with crowd control before they rift out themselves.

Then around the same time if you are near the docks. You will hear spells going off around the Coin Spinner. If anyone approaches they will see armored forest trolls and river trolls in the water lightly armored fighting many dark elves. It seems the trolls have them on their heels as if they are surprised to find the ship and the river around it filled with trolls. Once the battle is over the city guards are there and they help mop up the left overs. No dark elf makes it out alive after the bloody battle. Dock ward is alive as the trolls scream chanting into the air before drinking and tossing large barrels of mead over the ship of the ship. If someone asks a troll what this was all about they will say "The Master told us if we do, we can stay, so we do we kill all dark knife ears for Master." They all go back to chanting and singing as they roll the last barrels into the street. The trolls carry on into the rest if Dock Ward as the city guard removed the bodies off the ship.

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