Newbie needs help!

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Newbie needs help! Empty Newbie needs help!

Post  Paioni on Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:24 pm

Okay hello everyone,

I got my forum account to work, this is Evan I posted on the facebook page earlier today asking for help with getting ahold of outfits, weapons, and armor. Unfortunately due to my low income I cannot afford to purchase these items online, and was hoping that some kind person here may have the items I am looking for to sell at a agreed on price. I am looking for items in the deep blue almost black type color outfit, possible some leather armor, and a short sword and buckler. I am available to do it in payments or buy what I can at one time and buy others at a different time. Me and a friend are planning to attend the meeting on November 1-3 or the one in December, hopefully both.

You can contact me here or Facebook at Evan Hudnall.



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