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Post  Skarn Stoneforge on Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:31 am

To all,

I had this scribed for those adventuring and traveling into the Stoneforge Highlands to help inform people of current events and matters.

For those new to the lands of the Republic, let me enlighten you about our lands. There is only one current law in the Republic. This being no public building may be warded or encircled by protective circles in any matter. This law is to protect those who wish to flee a building or enter one.

Now about the Republic itself it is ruled by the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The House of Lords is made up of the nobility of the land and the House Commons is made up of commoners who served two years in the military service to the Republic.

Currently the Republic is at war with invaders from the north. They call themselves the Ymirkelds of the Keldpazen Mountains. If you encounter any of their forces in the lands of the Republic they are to be given no quarter.

It has been months since our last battle with them in Amrun Taury. The Ymirkeld forces are still being held back by the forces of the Hobgoblin King and those of the Republic of Naringal after the fall of the Evandarrian Duchy to their forces.

Do keep in mind the land across the Heren Duin is off limits to all citizens of the Republic, till the forces of the Ymirkelds have been driven back to the Keldpazen Mountains. Only authorized adventurers and forces of the Republic will be allowed across the Duke’s Bridge.

Anyone traveling in the Stoneforge Highlands should also take note that the forces of the Ymirkelds that may have made it this far south are not our only problems. We still have issues with a growing orc clan in the Highlands as well as trouble with our dark cousins. There are still other issues but these two have been our greatest threat in our lands in the Republic. So please heed my words if you encounter either orcs or duergar they will be well armed and well organized.

Now for something on a lighter note there will be a tourney held this coming market day. This tournament has been held since Haven’s founding to promote the strength of our Republic when it was just an outpost years ago right here in Haven. I will be posting more information about this tourney over the next few days. Those interested can sign up at the Drunk Dragon Tavern where a sheet will be posted with each event.

I hope all of your travels are safe and that the blessings of Brego and Helena be with you


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