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Post  Terik on Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:37 pm

My Lord Chancellor, members of the Lunari Nation, allies, citizens of the Republic, friends, and adventures,

I first would like to salute our allies of the most triumphant victory here. Well fought. I am proud to have served with each of you. I ask that you thank your Icons and take a moment to remember the heavy losses taken by our forces. House Ebonwyrm alone lost more than 70 valiant warriors and a Sergeant. The First Company has lost over 60. The seasoned and vigilant House Greycloak fared the best. The most costly fee was paid by the Evandarians. I salute the courageous Grigory Mustalanoff for the bravery of his men leading the vanguard.

Do not let this victory fool you. The crocus may be near bloom, but Winter is far from over! The Military of the Republic, the Naringal Mane, will open it's remaining reserve to all, first to the members of the Mane, those wishing to join, citizens of the Republic, then all others with stones enough to defend their own lives. Arms, armor, potions, traps, and more are available. To stress how important it is to stay vigilant, theses will be offered at no cost. The Republic must hold.

For those that doubt my words, know that the Northernmost Evandarrian City of Stradtwald has fallen to the forces of the Ymirkeld. We have made an armistice with the Hobgoblin King, leader of the forces of the Forest of Eternal Autumn. His troops wear red caps, consist of both Hobgoblin, goblins, and worgs. You shall not attack them unprovoked on pain of the Chancellor's justice. They have acted to funnel the secondary host of the Ymirkeld force straight to us. We can hold here! WE MUST HOLD HERE!

The Ymirkeld's will likely send shock troops over our lines in airships. Be ever alert and watch the skies. Intel claims the 'good news' is the Ymirkeld forces are lead by Frost Warden Skeleek Icemarrow, an Ice Troll. Fire is a necessary. Lightning is also of use. Do not attempt a killing blow if you do not know what you are doing. A killing blow misplaced will only undo all your hard work. If you are wondering what is so 'good' about that, you've never faced an Ymirkeld.

There is still danger near the ruins. Rangers of the Mane report a host of Dark Dryads near where the former "King" of Amrun Taury destroyed the Gate. In addition, this is Naringal. Thedrick only knows what the next battle holds.

I will take many of the First Company and stage them behind our lines to protect Amrun Taury's ruins from being flanked by air dropped forces. Beckelheimer's Wrath and Lunari's Kiss, (catapults of the Mane) will remain deployed in Amrun Taury under the forces of House Greycloak. Amasai's Parlay and Stoneforge Salute will remain in the fort.

Sir Sergeant Arvil Bolderbreaker will have all the supplies I mentioned previously and will command the Mane in my absence.

Sergeant, your primary mission is to defend the ley line stone with every last member if you must. I don't know the end game, but everyone in this war ruled land is after those blasted stones! I'll be a walking corpse before I give another one up! If you are being overrun, send word and I will dispatch what reserve I can to aid you.

Adventures, if joining up with the Mane is not to your liking, I suggest you at least heed the Lord Chancellor, Lord Ebonwyrm, or Lord E'nick Greycloak. If that is not to your liking, then Master Kelvaren could use some help with his golems.

I am sending copies of this to the Mane stationed throughout Naringal.

May war favor us.

In Service to the Republic I remain,


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Do not be fooled Empty Re: Do not be fooled

Post  E'nick Greycloak on Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:12 pm

Lt. Locklain,

I do prefer Baron Greycloak, but I am a member of the House of Lords so I guess that is just a written error since you have been busy. Do not take this as I do not appreciate your hard work, I do, as do he rest of the Republic.

To all,

If anyone needs to find me I will be with my forces as will Lady Stewardess Moondragon.

I wish you all good luck!


E'nick Greycloak
E'nick Greycloak

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Do not be fooled Empty Re: Do not be fooled

Post  jinx811 on Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:28 am

Posted by a Lunari Runner:

Lt. Locklain,

Terik, My friend. As Knight Protector of the Lunari, my sword, and the Lord Protector's Magic, is of your disposal. I am not a fan of Trolls or the Element of Ice, So I think my sword of magic flame sword should be able to assist you in you in this daunting task. May the Moon shine upon your path

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Do not be fooled Empty Re: Do not be fooled

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