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Roger's current situation Empty Roger's current situation

Post  rogger on Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:32 pm

Ive heard of some kind of grand opening at this city called... Haven.. yes that's what its called. iv also heard that there taking up recruits for the militia. this will be my chance to help and fight for Naringal, plus a nice way-of making a few coin as-well.

Im little over just a day from haven and i see a wood elf named ruin. and her friend whose a gypsy. i imeditlety looked around for more gypsy's but there was only her, but there were none, i quickly approached this strange duo asking them why there on the road. i felt like they didn't tell me the truth fully but irregardless, they somehow convinced me to travel with them. As i approach haven and i see my two new companions behind me, i begin to wonder what have i gotten myself into.


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Roger's current situation Empty Re: Roger's current situation

Post  Terik on Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:54 am

by runner of the Mane:

Rogger, and others,

Haven welcomes you. The Mane, the military of the Republic of Naringal, welcomes you as well. We accept all who would stand for Naringal. All we ask is loyalty to the Republic and in return, the Mane will equip and protect you as it has means. Unfortunately, I can not greet you in person tonight. I travel with the Lord Chancellor, who continuously researches vile subjects in hopes of finding weaknesses. His incessant studies slow our progress to Haven. Sgt. Arvil Boulderbreaker, adopted of the Stoneforge clan, will be there to greet you. Follow his lead. His commands will keep you and your companions as safe as possible in these lands.

Until we meet,


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