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Post  Terik on Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:32 pm

***Posted by runner wearing the standard of the Silver Lions***

It seems like forever ago, but Vaylen and I grew up on the Eastern reaches of Willowdark. Our farm was never the most productive, but if we didn't take care to watch the patterns, we would have to go without. Like the recent weather, for instance. We called it Barbarian Winter. During the short cold snaps, like what we just had in Naringal, the Barbarian tribes would be reminded of the coming winter. They would prepare. Some would ask our permission to hunt our mountains. They would bring us a portion of their kills as gratitude. Other tribes would plant winter crops. The more settled tribes would fire the forges to make wares and weapons. This is how they made it through the winters. This is how we must make it through the coming winter. The signs point to hard times.

Citizens, hunt and gather. Trade for salt and food that preserves well. Smiths, fire forges. Fall trees, plant winter crops, shear goats and sheep, and prepare.

Militia, gather at Haven and prepare to march. Those brave enough to join us, oil your swords and axes, prepare spells, potions, scrolls, and traps. We push for Amrun Taury!

I stay at the Lord Chancellor's side. May War's Icon smile on us!
For the Republic!
For Naringal!

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