Worgs seen outside the walls!!

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Worgs seen outside the walls!!

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Those in Stormberg will hear rumors about outside of the walls of Stormberg their is a pack of worgs that have been seen. They tend to stick close to a large plantation not far out of the city, that is said to be owned by a Lunari Baron. Other locals tell you that the worgs wear a green sash on their right paw and have the military's protection.

The local farmer state the worgs haven't attacked any life stock yet. But has been seen skilling a deer or two in the surrounding lands. Either way local warn those traveling to Haven stick close to the roads, because their is more then just worgs out on the road. If pressed the locals will tell you some have seen small two legged creatures running around in the dark. Others state they have seen a few ogres armed wearing brown clothing and furs looking around in the wilds. When they where spotted they faded away back in to the tree lines. The last story you hear is one local a dwarg tells you he has seen the trees come alive themselves and take the form of a man. He said it shook him up after seening the thing come from the tree itself. Others tell you he is crazy that such a creature is a dryad and legend says they are kind. The dwarf will say if that is SO true why did it come at me with such hate in its eyes. I tell you that creature was not kind or good at all it looked like a man carved out of a dead tree. I tell you that thing is up to no good and don't you be wondering off the road between Stormberg and Haven

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