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Post  Duke of Naringal on Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:42 pm


To all citizens,

My people don't be alarmed, at this strange change in weather. I have the court mages working on this almost magical change in weather. We have also doubled the guard and patrols as we have heard troubling news in the north about a force in this land that has been cutting its way south.

This force has already crossed in to the lands of may of the other feral tribes and upstart kingdoms. So have no doubt we have taken this information and we are preparing for the worst. So set aside what food you can for you and yours we maybe in for a longer then usual winter.

I know that our war with our cousins to the south is not complete, but in light of this new threat to our people. I believe its time to go to the peace tables and talk about a mutual treaty. I do not wish like you to see our people to the south lead a stray like they have been for years. But I do not wish for them to die needlessly with out our help against this great threat.

What we know about this threat I can not say much just the mutterings of lost soldiers to frost bitten to live long and those of foul humanoids asking for alliances and shelter. We still stand stong on allowing no quarter for those evil beings and we shall in the coming time ahead.

If any citizen knows anything about this cold weather or those behind it or about the forces coming south please let us know. It is your duty to your neighbor and to your fellow citizens to report any such information to the military and to the noble court of the Duchy of Naringal.

This is by my hand

Duke Grigory Mustalanoff
Duke of Naringal
Duke of Naringal
Duke of Naringal

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