Spies and thieves

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Spies and thieves

Post  Arvil Boulderbreaker on Mon May 14, 2012 10:32 am

Notice to all,

Be aware of two humans that are confirmed thieves and possible spies for the false duke. During our defense of outpost 113 we encountered two supposed merchants Jeremiah and Daniel Littleton. They did have wares for "sale", however they only quarreled with each other and tried to undersell the other brother. They didn't sell anything and began a fight with each other and left. WE assumed they were idiots and were glad to be rid of them.

They later returned with members of the first company of Silver Lions claiming to have resurrected at the military earth circle. I have confirmed with Srgt. Fitz that they did appear in the circle, however I am not sure they resurrected. I believe they spirit walked to the circle. They proceeded to argue that they had been robbed and killed by the adventurers at the outpost. They proceeded to lock themselves into the mess hall and rob us of several items including most eating utensils and some healing potions. As they left they stole my ax.

The two Littleton brothers are to be considered armed and dangerous. They play the act of complete idiots and seem to be mentally unstable. They are known thieves and are thought to be spies for the false duke. As part of their act of stupidity they mention many times of how things are better in Osterdorf. A reward for the safe capture and incarceration of these two is being offered.

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