Wake up, free people of Naringal!

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Wake up, free people of Naringal! Empty Wake up, free people of Naringal!

Post  Terik on Thu May 03, 2012 5:28 pm

Posted by Military Runner

Lords of the House of Nobles, Free Peoples of the Republic of Naringal, Visitors to our lands,

Your freedoms, your liberties, your land is under attack by the delusional Muttassoff. He claims a Duke’s title, but has none. He claims a loyal following, but only has what he does because he tries to crush all who dare oppose his grandiose fantasies of conquest, keeping his own people’s necks under his heavy boot. He will strike, without mercy, any who just happen to be on the South of the Heren Duin. If you are reading this, that means you. What did you ever do to deserve death at the hand of this disturbed brat who was left at his mother’s teat too long?

Just a visitor to this land? Want no part of this fight? I wish you luck explaining that to the humans in black tabards, wearing the seal of Mustardcod. I’m sure the Evandarrian point will be driven home…through your ribs and out your back.

Naringal is a free land for all who seek common good. This mad man may pay double for your wares now, but think of where that gold comes from? It comes from the tired backs of the people he now keeps under his thumb! If you are foolish enough to sell to him, if you are dumb enough to side with him, if he, by some miracle of the icons, snuffs the fledgling light of a free nation that doesn’t burn under the burden of an obese and corrupt noble class, who will pay the next war tax? Who’s sons and daughters will he send to the grinder of war next?

I know the Lord Chancellor Vaylen Locklain well. I know the members of Naringal’s House of Lords. They only want to keep the power in the hands of the true rulers of Naringal, you, her people. They have never demanded a single silver from you for what they have given you. Your homes, shops, everything you have earned through your own toils are possible in these lands because of the work of these magnanimous adventures.

Naringal needs you. Her people are being brutalized and killed. Her lands are being needlessly striped. Help her. Tired of being a “commoner?” Join the Naringal Military and fight for your loved ones, your land, and make Naringal your home. Fellow Adventures, join the officer’s corps, the Silver Lions and know what it is to fight on the noble and just side of war. One year of any military service will qualify you as a citizen. Military members will be fed and equipped with the Silver of the Republic.

All those who have the metal to make Naringal your home, all who would be her allies, all who oppose oppression, meet at Fog Top in the Highlands to await further orders. I am hard pressed at the front and will not be able to join you, but I am sending Sergeant Arvil Boulderbreaker with further orders. For those too spineless to take a side, I suggest getting on the next boat out, and pray the Evandarrians don’t sink it. Muskofanox and his men kill small children. Why wouldn’t they kill a coward?

You have to earn a home or allies.


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