Celestial Scrolls for sale!

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Celestial Scrolls for sale! Empty Celestial Scrolls for sale!

Post  KYRAN~ on Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:32 am


I have a lot of Scrolls that I will be unable to use before they lose their magical potency quite soon. You can buy them all, or you can buy a few. Send me an offer, and we will talk.

Shun x11 - 5/28

Shatter x10 - 5/28

Sleep x9 - 5/28

Magic Armor x4 - 5/28

Bind x8 - 5/28

Pin x6 5/28

Lightening Bolt x42 - 5/28

Lightening Bolt x22 - 4/30

Magic Missile x8 - 5/28

Magic Missile x1 - 7/30

Shield Magic x2 5/28

Shield Magic x1 7/19

Shield Magic x1 8/15


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