A call to arms!!

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A call to arms!! Empty A call to arms!!

Post  Daelar Drea on Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:40 pm

Citizens and Adventurers,

I am done with this Pretender that calls himself my sovereign without my express permission. I am building a large militant force to annihilate this insurgent. I am paying you are killing. That is all that needs said. If you are interested in killing for me for pay, send me a pigeon. Remember this, we need more raw power than any of you have to offer alone. We will need to use guile and the destruction of small parts of his supposed holdings. I alone have the might and willpower to utterly destroy him. I need bodies to get me past bodies.

The Pretender will die by my hands,

Lord Protector,

Daelar Drea.

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