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Naringal, To Arms! Empty Naringal, To Arms!

Post  Terik on Fri Mar 23, 2012 6:54 am

Friends, Countrymen, fellow Adventures,

As many of you have seen, the Lord Chancellor's Republic of Naringal is beset by the harsh marauders of the self-named Duke, Grigory Mustalanoff. Mustalanoff attacks the all but the "higher" races with impunity. Mustalanoff, the high-born yet title-less fop, will attack anyone who doesn't bow immediately to his uncharitable will. If your ways differ from his, you are labeled evil and misguided. I came to this land years ago seeking peace. We have scratched out a home here and with the peaceful native races, have forged a Nation of our very own. Mustalanoff intends to take it because he thinks he can. He has no right, no title, and no claim. He is a charismatic warlord bent on conquest, who has misled his fellow Evandarians into fighting their own brothers. He, without just cause, declares war on Naringal. This gratuitous act of malice must end.

The combined forces of the Stoneforge Clan, Avalon's Crown, the brave souls of Stormberg, and Naringal's Military have held this unprovoked invasion of this Sovereign Realm at bay. Valiant as these efforts are, there are still patrols of the interlopers in and around Haven's Highlands. My duty is to remain at the front with the troops as we hold the line. I ask of any brave soul who calls themselves a friend of Naringal and I demand any who call her home, to rally around the Lord Chancellor as he and his allies eliminate this threat to Haven. We cannot let Haven be cut off from the rest of the realm. Once the Highlands are secured, we shall develop a plan to send these transgressor's back to their homes by diplomacy, or drive them into the Great River by force!

For those who have come from Stormberg recently, do not be alarmed at the encampment of the River Trolls just south of Stormberg. They are refugees that the trespassers have displaced. The enemy of my enemy is my ally. No soldier of Naringal is to take up arms against these refugees unless in self-defense. As Steward of the House of Commons, I will prosecute anyone who does the same or harms any other ally of the Lord Chancellor during this time of war.

Finally, No soldier of Naringal is to administer a killing blow against the Evandarrian besieger. Defeat them. Remove their equipment. Keep what you need to keep fighting. But administer first aid. When they come back to this plane they can come to Haven and swear fealty to the Lord Chancellor, who is most merciful. Or they can make their way through the Naer Fade unarmed on the way back to Osterdorf. Thiederik give them rest if that is their choice.

Naringal's Constable, Sergeant Arvil Boulderbreaker will command the 10th and 12th sections of the 3rd Platoon while I am away. To those I count friends, fight well and if the Lord Chancellor so demands, die well. I will see you in either the tavern or the circle.

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