Note left outside of Haven

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Note left outside of Haven Empty Note left outside of Haven

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:08 pm

To The Lord High Chancellor,

My My My sisters sisters and and and I I I have have have given given given you you you enough enough enough time, time, time, you you you never never never did did did as as as we we we asked. asked. asked. So So So we we we will will will not not not enter enter enter in in in with with with "The Republic" "The Republic" "The Republic" into into into an an an alliance. alliance. alliance. We We We will will will still still still agree agree agree to to to the the the terms terms terms your your your brother brother brother gave gave gave us us us in in in the the the Borderlands. Borderlands. Borderlands. We We We will will will not not not leave leave leave the the the Naer Fade Naer Fade Naer Fade nor nor nor will will will you you you enter enter enter it. it. it.

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