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Stormberg! Empty Stormberg!

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Those that come from the ten docks in Stormberg will notice the city seems to be growing fast. Also, visitors and citizens will notice a influx of refugees from far off lands that have fallen or are currently war torn (Evendar, Syrinx, Solus, Coradar, Izendorn, Stonegate, Dylleria, Emuria, Willowdark, Skitterfell & the Fallen Duchy of Naringal)

IG: Storm clouds are always over Stormberg, and the rain comes and goes through out the week. The thunder and lightning in the clouds comes and goes as well, but not as often.

The locals tell you the clouds have been here since the coming of the "Hag’s Storm." Which was stopped after forces from Avalon's Crown, House Ebonwyrm, and the Amasai family stopped the Green Hag's forces from destorying the village that is now a city. Since then the green magical lightning has stopped and replaced with the natural light show people see every once in awhile over the city.

The city now has lamps set up on the streets to provide light to those that come to Stormberg.

(OOG: The darkness provided by the storm cloud gives all Vornae in play their full body and its hard to see here with out a light source.)

There is also a major project going on in the city, as the streets and areas under them are being dug up to create a sewer system. The city has grown so much that without this added improvement the city would be a health hazard.

The city of Stormberg is divided up in to wards by high stone walls and these walls go around the whole city. Below are points of interest with in each ward.

Dock Ward -There is a Shipyard, a Sawmill and a Textile Mill, were many of the town folk work. There is one tavern/inn called the "Honest Nobleman Taproom." All of these buildings fly a flag or banner with House Ebonwrym colors on them, except the Textile Mill which has two one for the Lunari Nation and one for House Greycloak. You will also notice the three story manor flying Avalon Crown colors and the two stone towers close by the manor and the six docks that look out over the great river of Avalon. Another dock and ship is currently being constructed as well. There are not many venders here only a few dealing with sailing equipment and such.

Merchant Ward - There is a brothel called the "Doll House," which has porcelain doll golems as escorts. You also see a pawn shop called "King's Pawn," and a bank called the "Bank of Avalon." Another building that will stick out is the "Silver Lion Trading Company." All of these buildings fly a flag or banner with House Greycloak colors on them. Another point of interest is the large three story stone tower of the Mage's Guild of Naringal. A farmer’s market has since been created in the large central trade area offering food at very low prices thanks to funding by House Ebonwyrm. The last point of interest is a large building toward the center of town called "Di'Gario's Trading Company." There are other venders in this area as well selling wares and a large central trading area for carts and other mobile shops.

Moon Ward - You will notice this ward has banners on each gate showing the Lunari Nation colors. The elven guards that stand at watch at the gates all wear the Lunari colors as well. Once you are past the gates you will see tall trees that twist their way up into the sky. These trees seem to weave together to cover the sky up with their branches making this ward very dark. Their are lamps on post through out the ward but visiablity is very low. The locals of this ward are pale skinned elves and they seem to keep to themselves. Towards the middle of the ward is a large three story manor flying the Lunari Nation flag and is teaming with guards wearing the same colors. Another place’s of note is at tattoo parlor called "Au'Luna" it has a Lunari Nation banner outside and said to be own by the Lord Protector of the Lunari Nation. Then lastly there is the large Tavern/Inn called “The Moon Dragon” it is famous for the Lunari drink called “Moonshine.” The Moon Dragon was two banners outside of it the Lunari Nation banner and House Greycloak. There are venders in this area but its not easy to find them as it is in Merchant ward.

Stone Ward - You will notice this ward has banners on each gate showing Clan Stoneforges colors. The dwarven guards that stand watch a the gate all wear Stoneforge Clan colors as well. Once you are past the gates you will see this area made up of many stone buildings which house crafts, smithing, mining, and other dwarven goods. The locals of this ward are mostly all dwarven and are friendly as dwarves go. There are many venders here but not as many as in Merchant Ward.

Lord’s Ward – This ward is guarded very well by patrols from many different factions in The Republic of Naringal. This is the seat of government for The Republic. It has two large buildings one for the House of Lords and one for the House of Commons. It has other smaller govermental buildings as well.

You will notice patrols in the town bearing the colors of House Ebon Wyrm, House Greycloak, Avalon's Crown, Lunari Nation, Clan Stoneforge, and First Company of Naringal. These patrols, guards, soldiers, etc.. all work together with no infighting at all. If you ask who is in charge of the city you will be directed to seek out the Baron of Stormberg E’nick Greycloak.

Once out side of the city you will also notice a trail that is well worn that heads west and there is a sign out side of town pointing west that says in four different languages "Haven and The Bawnishall Mine." (Common, Vornae, Dwarven, and Elvish). There are many small farms along this road and one large planation just right outside of town. The planation has guards wearing House Greycloak's colors and flys two flags The Lunari Nation and below it House Greyloak.

There is also a trail to the north which the city guards tell you leads to Skitterfell which was once part of the Republic. You will be told its over run by evil Nezumi. Currently on the north side of the town you will notice the building of another ward for all the new influx from the fallen Duchy of Naringal and Skitterfell. There is also a trail to the south which the city guards will advise is also quite dangerous because of the previous war with the Bog Hags whom The Republic is at peace with at the moment and really only leads to the militarys trenches guarding against anymore incursions.
Adventurer’s are told they can find their fortunes anywhere in Naringal and currently the best place to seek such adventurer is in the Borderlands and the Stoneforge Highlands. If you decide to travel north you will be advised that the northern route is off limits for now with the current war. You will be directed to take the western road toward Haven. You will be warned that the creatures of this land are darker then others and have been the down fall of many adventurers new and old.

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