Stormberg Tourney

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Stormberg Tourney

Post  Skarn Stoneforge on Thu Oct 13, 2011 2:38 pm

To Ye all,

Me name be Clan Elder Skarn Stoneforge, me be posting this message to let ye know the second annual "Stoneforge Tourney" now, to be called the "Stormberg Tourney" will be held again this year. The Tourney will be sponsored by Clan Stoneforge, 1st Company of Naringal, The Naringal Mage's Guild, and Avalon's Crown. We be holding the tournament here in Stormberg down in Dock Ward October 21-23, here be the tournaments:

Caster's Tourney (Multiple tourneys bases off of ability)
Melee Tourney (Multiple tourneys bases off of ability)
Dueling Tourney (One tourney based on skill and is the tournament over all grand champion)

Me needs to know who will be taking part in the tourneys this way me can set them up based on ye abilities. Also, all from the Republic of Naringal are welcome to attend and to test their skills.


Skarn Stoneforge

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Haven Tourney?

Post  jinx811 on Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:26 pm

(Posted by a runner wearing Avalon's Crown Color's:)

Elder Stoneforge,

Since we were unable to have said tournaments in Docktown b/c of our spider and occultist infestations. Do you believe it possible have them at home in Haven. It is, in my mind, a more sucure, and all around better location. Your answer also depends on if I and a few others are going to show up back home. Thank you Elder Skarn.

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