I have returned, with rumors

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I have returned, with rumors

Post  Hetrood on Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:59 am

Greetings All sentient beings and fighters,

I have returned from some minor travels through out the lands of Terra. I have heard some rumors that I wish to pass along to each of you. The first is from the Kingdon of Solus. It appears during their long market day that one adventurer may have met her permanent death. The Vixen/Elf/Wolf/Biata Ti Ti may have met her permanent death. I can not validate this claim. I can validate for reliable sources that she did die and a ceremony was held for her final departure, but I have also conflicting stories that she has been seen since. Also the Land of Willowdark appears to be very busy of late with many forces gathering around. We may need to contact one of the Lords of that land to see what is happening.

Now if any one needs some good potions let me know I plan on traveling through the Bourderlands the next little bit helping our forces there and hopefully finding some good food, drink, and company while I am there.


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