Bringing Reinforcements

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Bringing Reinforcements

Post  ChaoticKaim on Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:11 pm

At the next upcoming market day I will be bringing with me two to three other very experienced and powerful allies of mine in order to help assist you with your Hag problem. With me so far I know that there will be a Knight of the barony of Adron who is a very accomplished rogue as well as I will be bringing a templar who is good with the blade as well as he is well versed in the Celestial Arts. Hopefully I can convince the most powerful of my allies to come with us. His name is Squire Guy and he is a Champion of the Seelie Fae. He is by far the strongest of us. I figured I would tell you all of you this so if you are planning anything against the Hags you know what I am bringing to the table.


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