The Accordance

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The Accordance

Post  Vaylen on Fri May 27, 2011 11:48 am

The council of Naringal, by the power bestowed by the people of the land, in order to create a more just and free republic, have on the fifth month and fourteenth day of the year 611 formed a ruling party to govern the national interests of its towns and its people. This ruling party shall consist of the four knights of the realm, who hold council that will dictate by their vote the political, social, and internal dealings of the Republic of Naringal. The noble of Naringal will lead the diplomatic, trade, and military relations of the Republic of Naringal and other nations at the advice of the council of Naringal and settle any votes of council that have been voted to a draw. The Noble seat of Naringal will act as the voice of the cousil and will endeavor to supply the knowledge of the counsil to the people of Naringal.

Currently, the noble seat of Naringal is held by Vaylen Locklain. The Knights of Naringal are composed of Sir Arvil Boudlerbreaker, Sir Micha Amasai, Sir Kelvaren of Avalon’s Crown, and Sir Terik Locklain. Should any of these members be unable to uphold their position, a new member must be voted by unanimous decision of the remaining counsel. A perspective member of the council must be a true resident of Naringal.

As of this day the council of Naringal recognizes the sovereignty of its allied townships. The Dwarven city of Haven, The port city of Stormberg, the mountain village of Varhardt, and The Rat-Kin village of Skitterfell will maintain their governing parties and shall hereby work in tandem with the Knights of Naringal in the governing of the people.
The Republic of Naringal currently recognizes the nobility of Willowdark as honored diplomats to the republic of Naringal and are offered the same rights as a citizen of this nation. No other nobility will be recognized by the Republic of Naringal without the decree of the currently seated noble of the republic.

The laws of the lands of Naringal shall be proposed by the people to the noble seat of Naringal who will then bring the proposal to the Knights of Naringal for a vote. As a majority vote the laws will be upheld by the Knights of the land with punishment decreed by the counsel.

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