To the Militia and to all in Stormberg

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To the Militia and to all in Stormberg Empty To the Militia and to all in Stormberg

Post  Terik on Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:45 pm

Posted by Militia Runner:

Members of the 10th, you are to report to the barracks Week's end after the Full Moon (23rd). Marcus will lead with Arms Corporal Garruk. The 10th will serve as the lead detachment of Operation Emerald Spear.

Our primary mission is to pierce the heart of Fog Top. Intel confirms that this is the center of the Green Hags forces. A large contingent of the Militia assist you on your flanks, creating a spear tip. This will force the Green Hags once and for all from the Stoneforge Mountains, and back into the Borderlands. I tell you now, be sure to take care you pass a cave or valley or you may find yourself flanked and cut off from the other sections. The advance must not stall. It must not falter. It must not be broken. Assign corpsmen to aid the fallen. The rest shall continue the press. Hire healers if you have to. I will arrange for light curatives to be distributed. The Captain will give you your specific orders on the day of the march. Make me proud.

The remaining four sections of the 3rd, the 9th, 11th, 12th, and newly commissioned 13th, under Corporal Steelbeard, will assist Master E'nick and Avalon's Crown break the stalemate in the South Marches to solidify an allied stronghold in the Stoneforge Mountains. Myself and Sgt. Boulderbreaker will lead this assault. We march following the full moon.

Quartermaster Luvian and the 1st section Merchant Marines will remain in Haven on guard. If you are need of equipment or supplies, send me word of your order and I will do my best to have it filled as we have in our stock.

Fellow Adventurers, your assistance in this operation would be most welcomed. If you are not interested, that is fine. It is not a requirement of life in Naringal to have a spine or reproductive organs. I wish you well in your jelly-like eunuch existence.

Let me be crystal clear: If you steal from my militiamen while they are on duty, you steal from me. If you attempt to murder one of my militiamen while they are on duty, you have attempted to murder me. When people steal from me or try to kill me, it is personal. However, I promise this on the defiled graves of my people, that if you hinder this operation in ANY way I will fill your lungs with Dwarven swill, light it afire, and have you healed until I tire of your screams. Once the Captain releases them, they are no longer my charge and have the same rights to be victimized as any other free citizen of Naringal. By Thiderik, I love this land!

May the Silver Lion protect us all,

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