Journal Entry from Micha Journal sent to those in the borderlands

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Journal Entry from Micha Journal sent to those in the borderlands Empty Journal Entry from Micha Journal sent to those in the borderlands

Post  Micha_Amasai on Tue Aug 31, 2010 12:03 am

Recounts of the previous night!

To all, I would like to share the events from this evening, in a manner before any tales and rumors can be told.... If anyone would like any further information, you may contact me in Docktown!...

I, Zane, and Hetrood were back peddling fighting the undead goblins and ogres in the green fog. We saw behind us some of the new adventures some braced for combat others gathered around a gypsy female. We hear a SCREAM, and saw a crystal ball of glowing green light drop from this female’s hand.

We then saw her still on the ground, Regele was just watching her and Kouga was close by looking worried. The crystal ball still laid on the ground and then it casted a cause mortal wounds at Zane.

Hetrood assisted in healing Zane, until he had all his body and protective's back up! We then form up with the others to assist in fending off the invaiding undead... I attacked by using "Bane the Undead".... Hetrood joined in on the attack casting Harm Undeads!
When Hetrood got to the gypsy girl he, noticed she in uncousious, and shouts for an Awaken Spell.... Zane rushes over with a potions from my pouch, which Hetrood handed to Regele to administer to his wife….

Hetrood shouted that he might need myself assistace, I ran to the aid of the young girl and casted a protective circle around her, to administer first aid, and see what she is in need of....

I saw her withering in pain on the ground. She appeared to be uncousious, just at that time there is a flash of magic from behind me and the circle drops I turned just in time to be hit with a paralyze spell from the glowing green crystal ball. I could see right before it hits me see a evil green eye looking at me in recognizition. Thankfully I was protected by a shield magic... I quick move close to Zane, and I then quickly targeting the Crystal ball "I summon a force to Destory Crystal Ball" .... I then proceeded to get behind Zane... Looking around the area for anyone else that might have just been affected by this magical attack ....... Then one hit the crystall ball exploded!

The force from the explosion seemed to harm some of the others...I saw Hetrood bleeding out, Ameana and Regele was bleeding out as well.

I quickly rush to their aid to assist in healing them all...! Once everyone seems to be okay, I begin trying to find out what had taken place.... I ask Ameana who responds "I passed out during a reading with my crystal ball"I again ask whats happening... Kouga responds: "Ameana fell to the ground and Relege rushed to her side and the crystal ball turned green with some kind of evil eye that was hurting Ameana and a fog appeared and started to hurt my nose. then the goblin zombies saw us. "

I let Ameana know that I reconized the eye in the crystal ball and asked what made it appear? She responded I was trying to find the reason for the green fog and trying to see the lay of the land. As I continue to question Ameana, I got this feeling she wasn’t sharing all she knew with us... when I question her about this she responded. Let me speak with Regele before I talk about this openly I let her know we too where investigating the green fog ... so any information they would have on it would be much appreciated... so that we maybe able to solve this issue....She continued to state that she doesn't want to mislead me with any information! I assure her that just sharing what she saw would not mislead us. She then told me “If i do very bad things will happen to us all, please trust me and save the lifes of all you hold dear.” She then leave crying with Regele ... I try to get more information from the Wolf pup but he doesn't know much more!......

The Reason I share this with you all is, THERE is apparently something out there, they do not feel comfortable sharing... While I do respect that decision, I believe we must then prepare for what ever Ameana saw... Until they decide to share with us what that is, so we can prepare accordingly, we must take action!!!!

Aug 31, 610

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Journal Entry from Micha Journal sent to those in the borderlands GuildLogo_final_forums
Journal Entry from Micha Journal sent to those in the borderlands ACsmall
Journal Entry from Micha Journal sent to those in the borderlands Amasai
Journal Entry from Micha Journal sent to those in the borderlands Naringal

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