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Post  Vaylen on Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:01 pm

*delivered by pigeon*

Mormegil Clan,

Fortunately we have been victorious in our holding of the mines. Let us hope that you adventurers are competent enough in your skills to hold your front as well. Given that I have yet to witness your skills first hand I can only speculate as to your specious prowess in battle. Therefore I am preparing a parcel to be delivered to Regele stocked with potions and other essentials to aid you in your endeavors. Before you respond with some hubris filled farce of who should is to be in charge of what, let me state that I have no interest in whatever pecking orders you may think you hold in your clan. I give the onus of distributing these provisions to the Regele as I know his kind to be diligent in their ability to follow instructions. Rest assured I will blame you all equally for your failures should you prove irrefutably incompetent. It will take some time to find a secure means of delivering the aforementioned parcel. Should you require anything in particular please send word post haste so that I may include it in the parcel. Note that our supplies are extremely limited outside of Haven, but I will prepare what I can.

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Post  Micha_Amasai on Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:12 pm

** Sent back VIA pigeon **

My Friend Vaylen!,

Seems as though we will not have much to worry about, as of all the New Adventures, only Hetrood has sent word to assist in the protecting of the town!....

However, My Brothers and I will do all that we can to keep this town from falling to the hands of these Hags!... Though I know it will be more then difficult! I too will have some items and supplies for the new adventurers, as I do not think they fully understand the difficulty of what there are getting into .... as I stated many of time before, lets hope there actions, do not cost them there lives!......

Also if you could contact me in private at your leisure! We have some guild things to discuss!... (did you receive the copy of the guild bylaws?)


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