New to Naringal?

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New to Naringal?

Post  Terik on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:56 pm

Whether you have newly arrived here in Haven, or have a long tab with Arvil's Drunken Dragon Tavern, I greet you warmly on behalf of the Order of the Silver Lion. The Order of the Silver Lion is an Officer's group of bold individuals of any race honor bound to reclaim Amrun Taury and all of Naringal for the goodly races. We are now accepting honorable folk of any race or skill level to form the 12th section of the Naringal Militia. To those who may already fancy themselves adventurers, there is an elite section of the Naringal Militia that could use your help.

For your service, you will receive supplies and weapons as are available to me by my Captain. Furthermore, you will be trained to fight as a unit, and be a part of an honorable band that will stand beside you no matter the odds. If you should prove yourself worthy, by word and deed, you will be promoted to the Order of the Silver Lion and be placed in command of your own section of the Naringal Militia.

For those proud adventurers who have already expressed interest in joining, myself or Captain von Beckelheimer will induct you into the 10th section of the Naringal Militia next Market Day.

If you have any questions, or would like to join, please seek me out between my patrols or leave word with a courier.

Till next we meet,

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